Lame-Duck General Assembly Enacts Pay Hike for Legislators, Top Pritzker Officials Over Republican Objections

Approved by the Illinois House on Friday night, January 6, after the sun had set, the measure was promptly signed into law by Gov. Pritzker.  Democrats in the General Assembly voted themselves a pay raise of almost 17%. The measure granted similar hikes to top officials in the Pritzker administration.

Illinois House Republicans voted against the legislative pay raises contained in Senate Bill 1720. The base pay rate for members of the Illinois House will increase to $85,000/year for members of the 103rd General Assembly. In addition to this base pay, Illinois House members are eligible for additional stipends and compensation for their travel expenses, housing when in Springfield or otherwise traveling on State business, and service on House committees and in legislative leadership. The pay hike measure was not revealed to the public or publicly debated before it was presented and passed. Gov. Pritzker promptly signed the pay hike bill into law; it was on his desk and signed before most Illinois residents knew about the controversial measure.