Rep. Rosenthal’s Capitol Update: New General Assembly Sworn-in, Lawsuits Oppose Gun Ban & More

103rd General Assembly Sworn-in.

The new 103rd General Assembly was sworn-in on January 11, 2023. I want to express my thanks to you, the people of the 108th District, for giving me the opportunity to represent you in the Illinois House of Representatives. I decided to return to the House because of the people. During my previous service in the legislature, my top priority was providing the best possible constituent services to the people of the district, and over the past few years, residents have continued to reach out for assistance. Knowing how important this is to residents is why I will continue to make providing the best possible service my top priority. My door will always be open and I look forward to the next two years of being your resource.  Read More Here.

Lawsuits Filed Against New Gun Ban Law.

On the final day of the 102nd General Assembly, majority party Democrats rammed through a new law to ban numerous and commonly owned semiautomatic firearms and standard capacity magazines. Starting on Friday, January 13, opponents of the new law have filed lawsuits in State and federal courts to have the measure stayed and then struck down.  The State-enacted measure is seen by constitutional lawyers as highly vulnerable to court action.  The law purports to ban certain firearms and magazines, and would require the registration of a wide variety of firearms. Action in the courts will continue, with the preliminary goal of staying enforcement of the law.  Read More Here.

Legislation Filed to Memorialize Decorated Riverton Marine.

Photo credit: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.

House Joint Resolution 4 seeks to designate the IL Route 54 Bridge crossing the Sangamon River near Riverton as the “PFC Daniel Lee Kick Memorial Bridge” in honor of Kick’s service and sacrifice while serving his country and his fellow Marines in South Vietnam. The motto of the United States Marine Corps is Semper Fidelis, meaning always faithful. It represents the commitment of Marines to both our country and their fellow Marines. Private First Class Daniel Kick’s actions during the Tet Offensive in 1968 embodied the commitment of Semper Fidelis and undoubtedly saved the lives of many of his fellow Marines. Designating a bridge in his memory is a small act in comparison to his sacrifice, but it allows us to express our gratitude to his family and the community of Riverton for the sacrifice he made for our country.  Read More Here.

Lame-Duck GA Enacts Pay Hike for Legislators, Top Pritzker Officials over Republican Objections.

Approved by the Illinois House on Friday night, January 6, after the sun had set, the measure was promptly signed into law by Gov. Pritzker.  Democrats in the General Assembly voted themselves a pay raise of almost 17%. The measure granted similar hikes to top officials in the Pritzker administration.  Read More Here.

Abolition of Cash Bail in Democrats’ SAFE-T Act Declared Unconstitutional.

The decision by a circuit court, grounded in the Illinois Constitution of 1970, led directly to a move by the Illinois Supreme Court to stay implementation of the controversial and far-reaching change to Illinois’ Criminal Code. While the initial circuit court decision only would have applied the 65 counties where law enforcement had filed suit against the law, the Supreme Court’s action is valid statewide. The Supreme Court’s stay covers all jurisdictions statewide. The stay order was issued on Saturday, December 31, just before the law had been scheduled to go into effect.  Read More Here.

Scott’s Law Crashes Tabulated.

State law forbids the act, by a driver, of passing a stopped and shouldered first-response vehicle in an adjoining lane at high speed. The driver, if he or she sees a police vehicle or other first-response vehicle on the shoulder with its lights flashing, must either move over to the next lane or, if this is impossible, must slow down and pass at a rate of speed that will be safe for the first responder. Usually it is best to move over if possible, which is why Scott’s Law is also often called the “Move Over Law.”  Read More Here.

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