Illinois getting over $1B to expand broadband internet for farmers

Illinois will receive $1B to expand high-speed internet service to farmers across the state. People living in rural areas find it challenging to get high-speed internet for daily work. In addition, technology is not limited to kids or storefronts, because it’s a key service to farmers as well.. Farmers, rely on technology and internet on a daily basis to conduct business and transactions.

Equally important, farms will contribute billions more dollars to the U.S. economy with agriculture technology, but high-speed internet is needed to expand. By adopting the latest technology and services, Illinois farms will generate more money to help the local economy. Additionally, it’s beneficial to farmers when they are working with buyers, sellers, and government agencies.

The Farm Bureau firmly believes that faster and more reliable internet will only help Illinois farmers. Also, having high-speed service will help farmers have a competitive edge in the business across the country.

“Having a reliable connection is something that farmers very, very much need and are in very short supply of,” said Jim Birge, manager of the Sangamon County Farm Bureau. “Having that connection with actual higher speeds, high speed, that’d just be the world all over again for them.”

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Lastly, this will be a huge boost to farmers across the state of Illinois who are in need of high-speed internet. The broadband access expansion is part of a $42B investment across the country.

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