County Fairs Across the State Offer Wholesome Family Fun

One of the great aspects of life in Illinois are the unique County Fairs that are held from June through October all over the state. Find the full list of county fairs at FAIRS | IAAF – Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs ( There are over 100 County Fairs in Illinois, all offering wholesome fun for the whole family. The vast majority of county fairs in Illinois are held in the summer months of June, July and August.

Fairs offer unique and safe gathering places for members of a local community, and they also serve as homecomings and reunions for natives who have moved out of the area. The best part about county fairs is they offer entertainment options for the entire family, young and old alike. And compared to alternate entertainment options, county fairs represent an affordable option for families to enjoy time together and meet with friends.

Many families prove their agricultural, gardening, livestock, cooking and baking skills at county fair competitions. Younger children and teenagers hone their skills throughout the years to be ready for these types of competitions, showing their values of dedication and hard work. Competing at these events and achieving success at county fair competitions boosts confidence and provides life lessons for children and teenagers alike.

It’s important for everyone to remember history and simpler times, and county fairs in Illinois represent just that. History and tradition come alive at these fairs every year, and they represent a unique way for a community to show its sense of pride and accomplishment on an annual basis.

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