Rep. Rosenthal Reacts to Supreme Court Ruling on the SAFE-T Act

Today’s ruling by the Illinois Supreme Court to completely abolish cash bail for criminals does not make Illinois safer. First, the Democrats craft “gun control” legislation which attacks law abiding citizens who have the right to defend themselves and now they eliminate cash bail for criminals who will quickly be back on the street committing crimes. This is a very dangerous road that has been created for the residents of Illinois.

The Democrats’ “SAFE-T” Act was swiftly rammed through the General Assembly Lame Duck Session and was rushed to Governor Pritzker to sign into law. This law is deeply flawed, and despite being amended multiple times, it’s had zero impact on reducing crimes throughout our communities across the state. Illinois has one of the highest murder rates in the nation, and now the first state to reform a system that rewards criminals.

Our freedoms are being stripped by the progressive agenda, and we need to stand together and fight back with comprehensive solutions which protect our citizens and gives authority back to our law enforcement officers. The people of Illinois deserve to live their lives without fear. Families depend on our laws to protect them and keep them safe; abolishing cash bail does just the opposite.