Rep. Rosenthal Embraces Higher Education

The building blocks of our next generation starts with higher education for all students. Quality education starts with teachers and their ability to adequately teach curriculum that will set the foundation of a bright future for our children. We need to support our teachers and continue to fund the necessary programs that benefit the overall school districts that are in critical need of teachers, programs, and funding.

Illinois’ teacher shortage is at the highest level in the last five years, according to the Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools (IARSS) and getting worse. Last year, over 30% of teachers and school counselors positions were either unfilled or filled with less-than-qualified candidates. This is not acceptable and only makes our current teachers struggle to provide students with the education they deserve.

Illinois schools continue to struggle with teacher shortage and retaining staff. For this reason, I have joined the Higher Education Committee to address the issues that need attention immediately. This committee will take action with legislation that provides relief to schools and strengthens teacher’s objectives throughout the Illinois school districts. Our communities and schools deserve the very best of teachers, students, resources, and funding that will contribute to a bright future.

Rep. Rosenthal Speaks at Williamsville Public Library and Museum

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