Rep. Rosenthal’s Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on Gun Bans

Rep. Rosenthal Addresses Illinois Supreme Court Ruling on Gun Ban

The Illinois Supreme Court made national news last week by ruling 4-3 that the firearms ban is constitutional, and the state will proceed with the strictest gun laws in our nation. Behind closed doors during the lame-duck session, the Democrats were quick to craft laws that attack the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. State Representative Wayne Rosenthal (R-Morrisonville) is aware of the Democrats position on firearms and had this to say:

“Lawful gun owners are being targeted by the super majority and their progressive donors while criminals receive a get out of jail free card,” Rosenthal stated. “The continued efforts to disarm American citizens who want to protect themselves is a spotlight on how Democrats see freedom.”

The passage of the gun ban under HB 5471 is a direct assault on all law-abiding citizens. This bill will not reduce crime and is dangerous when combined with the SAFE-T Act.

House Republicans know Illinois needs an administration that serves the people by protecting and preserving the Constitution. We need to immediately enforce current laws that keep criminals behind bars, ensure prosecutors do their jobs, and protect lawful gun owner’s rights.