Rep. Rosenthal Signs Letter to IDFPR Addressing Behavioral Health License Delays 

Springfield, IL…Last week, Rep. Rosenthal (R-Morrisonville) signed onto a letter which urges the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) to evaluate the handling of behavioral health license applications. The letter urges IDFPR to immediately assess the lack of communication that is causing delays with applicants seeking a position to help those in need. Multiple lawmakers signed the letter as they continue to receive feedback from their constituents about how these delays impact their lives.

“Individuals who suffer from mental health conditions and substance abuse need professional aid to provide necessary treatment that helps them,” said Rep.Rosenthal. “We are in dire need of licensed staff to fill vacant positions, but these unnecessary delays are having a negative impact on qualified applicants and the constituents in our communities.”

Applicants have worked extremely hard to achieve their license and now they are jumping hurdles to obtain a high-demand position. They are dealing with lengthy delays, lack of communication, and some applicants have said their applications were lost in the process. The letter is to bring awareness to these concerns and to shed light on damaging protocol that is affecting the people we are supposed to protect.

This is not the way professionals should be treated while obtaining a license to help those in need. IDFPR needs to be held accountable and make immediate changes that address this issue so individuals who are suffering get the treatment they need.

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