Navigator CO2 Pipeline Project in Illinois Halted

Springfield, IL This week, Navigator CO2 announced the company has withdrawn its carbon dioxide pipeline permit application in Illinois. This action is a direct result from the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission who rejected Navigator CO2’s application for a permit to construct the Heartland Greenway carbon capture pipeline. State Representative Wayne Rosenthal (R-Morrisonville) and many of the constituents of the 108th District have concerns over eminent domain overreach and carbon sequestration in Illinois.

“Many landowners do not want any form of government allowing construction of CO2 pipelines through their farmland,” said Rep. Rosenthal. “This company wants to transport carbon dioxide in a high-pressure liquid form from five states and store it underground in Illinois.”

Navigator CO2 is based out of Omaha, Nebraska and is behind Heartland Greenway which is a carbon capture and storage project. Their vision is to build a carbon ecosystem through the transportation, liquefying, and storage of carbon to minimize emissions.

There continues to be a massive push for climate change, but the public concerns are real and rightfully so. In early 2020, a town in Mississippi fell victim to a carbon dioxide pipeline rupture. Over 200 people were evacuated from the town and at least 45 people were hospitalized.