(Video) Rep. Rosenthal Speaks about Illinois Community Colleges New Brand Campaign

The state’s community colleges have joined forces to launch a new advertising campaign. Illinois Community College Marketing Collaborative (ICCMC) will be marketing “For Every Student, For Every Community”. Community college leaders say the new campaign will focus on the benefits these colleges bring to Illinois. These benefits include uniting all 48 community colleges across the state under a single brand which will grow economic development.

With this new Brand Campaign, the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) is expecting this joint effort to bring more awareness to everyone on how diverse Illinois community colleges are for every student. Each community college in Illinois makes it a priority to ensure a bright future for our students in the workforce.

“Illinois community colleges play a vital role in our local economy and future growth of innovation. We must continue supporting community colleges and students with the tools and resources they need to create a prosperous future in the workforce. Our future graduates are going to be the economic driver to Illinois’ economy and ICCMC is committed to fostering a strong foundation for every student who enrolls in their program of choice.”

Rep. Rosenthal on The Importance of Community Colleges in Illinois