Rep. Rosenthal Tours CACC as They Continue to Grow


Springfield, IL… This week, State Representative Wayne Rosenthal (R-Morrisonville) toured Capital Area Career Center (CACC) so he could speak directly to leaders about the demand for learning trades. Rosenthal joined students during demonstrations as they geared up and were put in a fire rescue situation.

“I was honored to meet with leaders and students during my tour of this excellent trade school that serves 16 school districts in Central Illinois,” said Rep. Rosenthal. “The work they do and the programs they offer, are setting up students for success in the field with good paying jobs.”

CACC has been committed to education for high-school students who want to learn a specific trade. School districts and grants play a big role in the funding for the programs they offer students. Currently, there is 19 programs available and by demand, CACC will soon be adding 4 more programs.

Rep. Rosenthal added, “Every program this school offers, has students working hands-on in real life situations which I think is very important. Students also learn about work ethic and what to expect when they land a job in the community.”

The dedication from CACC and their staff is recognized throughout our community. The building trades program has built six Habitat for Humanity homes across the state. Their nursing programs partner with Memorial and HSHS for clinic work. CACC sets an example that illustrates when schools invest into student’s education, it impacts communities in several ways.