Pawnee Farm to School Lunch Program

From the Farm and Into The School

Springfield, IL…The Sangamon County Board approved a resolution that created the Farm to School Pilot Program. This program is aimed to build a foundation for local famers and schools to offer healthier meal options for students. State Representative Wayne Rosenthal (R-Morrisonville) is excited about this program and met with several farmers, teachers, and board members to discuss the impact it has had on Pawnee CUSD 11 school district.

“This program boasts local Illinois agriculture while connecting kids to healthier food in a cost-neutral way,” said Rep. Rosenthal. “The community and local farmers have shown they are enthusiastic about this pilot program, and they are eager to continue using local and fresh ingredients for Pawnee students.”

The Pawnee school district is partnered with Beyond Green Partners to conduct assessment reports on how to build a foundation for local food systems. The goal is to transform the school’s operation to a scratch cooking foodservice. The idea is to offer a diverse lunch menu that’s fresh and uses local food from farmers.

“When kids eat healthier, it improves their academic learning throughout the day and the kids have shown they really like the fresh food options,” Rosenthal continued to say. “The meal I had consisted of roasted chicken, salad, squash, green beans, homemade applesauce, and a blueberry muffin. All of it was delicious!”

Once there is more demand for this program, it will expand to larger schools with the same mission: local food from local farmers.


Photos from Pawnee School Visit