HB3814 is Certainly Helping Students Enrolled in 4-H Programs

I had a surprise visit today from two Illinois students who are enrolled in 4-H Programs. Emma currently attends the University of Illinois Springfield, and Bella is attending El Paso Gridley. These two girls were thrilled to talk to me about their ambitions and focus of study in school. They said HB3814 has had a very positive impact on their learning experience and how this bill helps them achieve their goals without being penalized for their participation in 4-H Programs.

Thank you both for stopping by my office to express your appreciation!

4-H Programs foster the belief that students learn best by hands-on learning. Kids learn about projects in areas such as science, health, agriculture, and civic engagement. These programs are available in every county in the US. HB3814 reflects the support the state of Illinois has for students who participate in these programs.

Congratulations to the Taylorville FFA Chapter of Illinois