Rep. Rosenthal Responds to State of State Budget Address


Springfield, IL…Today Governor Pritzker addressed the State of Illinois with his FY25 Budget proposal. State Representative Wayne Rosenthal (R-Morrisonville) says that the Governor should be held accountable for the migrant crisis and not Texas.

“The Governor is blaming Greg Abbott for the migrant crisis created in the sanctuary city of Chicago and takes no accountability for his own poor policies,” said Rep. Rosenthal. “Governor Pritzker should be thanking the Texas Governor for halting the influx of migrants by securing the southern border to protect his own citizens.”

The Governor’s budget proposal sets a record in Illinois coming in at $52.7 billion. Illinois has quickly allocated about $2.8 billion in healthcare benefits to non-citizens and taxpayers are expected to keep their wallets open to accommodate the welfare of non-citizens.

Furthermore, Governor Pritzker criticized Republicans in Congress for opposing a bill that would allow 35,000 migrants a week to enter the United States illegally. He should have opposed that aspect of the bill himself.

Rosenthal continued: “I find it appalling that non-citizens will be receiving additional aid while citizens continue to struggle to pay their bills, it just doesn’t make sense. Illinois rolls out the red carpet to non-citizens and prioritizes their needs. We are a sanctuary state with no preparations or answers to the crisis created by our own Governor.”