House Republican’s Top Priorities for a Better Future

House Republicans know what policies work to build a better future for Illinois. Although the supermajority has the upper hand on legislation passed, we want you to know that our caucus works around the clock to make a difference for all Illinois residents. Our top priorities include legislation that is focused around constituents and not politicians.

House Republican’s Top Priorities

  • Holding the majority party accountable to spending
  • No New Taxes – Illinois voters rejected a graduated income tax in 2020. We need to provide meaningful tax relief to Illinois residents.
  • Tackling the State’s $141 billion pension debt
  • Fixing state agency mismanagement and disfunction
  • Meeting our prior fiscal obligations
  • Real Ethics Reform – The federal corruption trials and convictions of the ComEd Four, former Madigan Chief of Staff Tim Mapes, former Chicago Alderman Ed Burke, and the upcoming trial of former House Speaker Michael J. Madigan should instill action in the majority party to work with Republicans on meaningful ethics reform proposals.
  • Properly funding education via the evidence-based model
  • Prioritizing state services for Illinois citizens

House Republican Working Groups

Five House Republican working groups set out this session to work on legislative priorities for the 103rd General Assembly. The working groups were tasked with producing actionable solutions to some of Illinois’ most pressing issues. You can learn about issues and our priorities below.

Our Priorities:

Eradicate The Illinois Estate Tax Now