Bills Out of Committee This Week Strongly Favor Democrats

Bills Out of Committee This Week

Legislation out of committee this week totaled 213 bills consisting of 181 Democrat bills (85%) and just 32 Republican bills (15%). If we want real change in Illinois, we must have bipartisan legislation that benefits Illinois residents.

For too long, Republicans have been stonewalled by Democrats and bold legislation that would actually strengthen the State of Illinois, remains on the table. Time after time, Republicans call for transparency and bipartisan meetings to address important issues, but get the door closed. Our state needs real reforms to bring change, yet Democrats continue to throw money at existing problems with no sound solutions. This continued approach to our issues, is just one example of why we are seeing population loss for the tenth consecutive year. We need change in leadership and we need transparency from the other side of the isle.

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Republicans Have Legislation to Quickly Improve Public Safety

After months-long discussions with stakeholders, including crime victim advocates and law enforcement professionals, our Truth in Public Safety (TIPS) working group introduced measures in the form of legislation that focus on three main areas:  Protecting crime victims, retaining and recruiting law enforcement officers and ensuring pre-trial fairness applies to everyone, including victims and the public.