Rep. Rosenthal Happy to See HB4270 Pass Committee


Springfield, IL…Legislation pending in the House of Representatives (HB 4270), would amend the Line of Duty Compensation Act. State Representative Wayne Rosenthal (R-Morrisonville) filed legislation to include emergency medical services personnel.

“Our first responders put their lives on the line to save others and we must honor their families after tragic events that occur,” said Rep. Rosenthal. “House Bill 4270 would financially assist families of first responders in times of need and also acknowledge their dedication to keeping our communities safe.”

The Line of Duty Compensation Act offers financial benefits to families of those who lost their lives while serving our nation in the armed forces or serving in a public safety role with a state or local government. Compensation under this act helps families and dependents manage difficult times after a tragic event. HB 4270 would allow families of emergency medical services personnel to file for financial benefits under the Line of Duty Compensation Act.

“Too often we hear about first responders losing their life in the line of duty while saving the lives of others,” Rosenthal continued. “Their service and pledge to our communities is a symbol of heroism and their families deserve recognition from the state of Illinois.”

If HB 4270 becomes law, benefits under the Line of Duty Compensation Act, will be available to families of emergency medical services personnel. Beneficiaries can obtain a claim form from the Attorney General’s Office, the Secretary of State’s website, or the Court of Claims.


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