Rep. Rosenthal Pushes Back Against Wildlife Competition Ban

Yesterday, HB2900 passed in the House with a roll call of 62-45. This bill prohibits hunting competitions of fur-bearing animals such as coyotes, raccoons, and squirrels. I pushed back against the sponsor of the bill and pointed out how these competitions help control the populations of these animals, especially predators, and the impact they have on our communities. The sponsor seemed to be out of touch with how this bill will impact our communities and non-profit organizations, which often utilize these competitions to raise funds. 

The sponsor said coyotes are part of the “web of life” and seemed to ignore the threat to livestock, animals, or children we understand in rural communities when these animals are overpopulated. She doesn’t seem to trust the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to manage the wildlife resource in Illinois. Even though these competitions break no DNR rules or regulations, they are being attacked by Democrats. Anyone can hunt coyotes year-round in Illinois, but local competitions are somehow considered inhumane.

HB2900 will end numerous fundraisers that contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to local charities that help veterans, first responders, disabled youth hunters, and more. For example, the Squirrel Bowl that takes place in Carlinville, raises $200,000 annually that goes directly to veterans and schoolkids.

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Overpopulation of Coyotes and Racoons

Racoons are very destructive in nature. They have become overpopulated, they destroy crops, and local farm bureaus have put bounties on them. HB2900 bans racoon bounties.

Coyotes, which are overpopulated too, threaten rural families, their pets, and livestock year-round. They are top of the food chain with no natural enemies. Human intervention is needed to protect other wildlife and to keep these predators from becoming comfortable in neighborhoods and communities. The Farm Bureau and Beef Producers oppose HB2900.

HB2900 currently has 936 Opponents and 239 Proponents