Illinoisans pay second-highest property taxes in nation; taxpayers deserve relief

Springfield, IL…With property tax installment deadlines looming across the 108th district, State Representative Wayne Rosenthal (R-Morrisonville) is calling out Supermajority democrats running Springfield for recent tax shifts, tax hikes, and mandates expected to drive property taxes even higher across Illinois communities.

“One of the main factors that drive people out of Illinois is high taxes compared to neighboring states,” said Rep. Rosenthal. “Homeowners need property tax relief in Illinois, but we must adopt policies that will actually reduce the costs of owning property without raising other taxes in our state.”

According to a Wallet Hub study released in February 2024, Illinois has the second-highest property tax burden in the country. Illinois has a statewide 2.23% property tax rate burden when all 102 counties are combined.

“The facts are clear, Illinoisans have one of the highest overall tax burdens – largely due to out-of-control property tax rates,” Rosenthal said. “Yet, as families struggle to make ends meet, the majority party has done nothing to address high property taxes. Instead, they focus on adding social programs to our General Revenue liabilities while failing to properly fund education and local governments as promised in the 1970 Illinois constitution.”

Numerous proposals supported by Rep. Rosenthal would freeze, suspend, or outright reduce property taxes, various sales taxes, income taxes, and fuel taxes throughout this General Assembly. Democrats have refused to call these tax relief proposals for a vote, instead opting to raise nearly $1 billion in tax hikes in the new State Budget and to shift the burden of tax hikes onto local governments at the end of the Spring Session.

Included in the tax relief measures supported by Rep. Rosenthal are:

HB4354– (Taxing Districts Cap)

Caps the increase in a total homeowners year to year property tax bill to no more than 5% unless the home had substantial improvements.

HB3538– (Veteran Homestead Exemptions)

No longer requires disabled veterans to submit an annual application for the homestead exemption

HB1274– (Property Tax Freeze for Senior Citizens)

Increases the Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption from $5,000 to $8,000

HB4716– (General Assessment Value)

Limits any change in assessment resulting from reassessment in the general assessment year to the lesser of the following: 3% of the assessed value of the property or change in the Consumer Price Index during the 12-month calendar year.

Rep. Rosenthal continued, “My colleagues and I support solutions that would immediately reduce property taxes for Illinois residents, but we must have bipartisan legislation for any real tax cuts. Families deserve to own a home without being weighed down by high taxes and I will continue to advocate for reducing property taxes in the 108th district and across Illinois. The people of Illinois need property tax relief now, not tomorrow. They demand property tax relief today. They are not getting relief from Supermajority Democrats, who recently broke their own House Rules to hike taxes on Illinoisans, once again.”

For more information, contact Rep. Rosenthal’s office at 217-782-8071

Representative Wayne Rosenthal serves the constituents of Illinois’ 108th District which includes Menard County and portions of Christian, Macoupin, Montgomery, and Sangamon Counties.